The Infrastruggle is Real. Manage IT, Own IT.

Schedule a product demonstration to see how Zenoss delivers end-to-end service assurance for your physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructure. As an enterprise leader, Zenoss offers premium services, support and access to commercial ZenPacks with coverage starting at 500 managed resources.


Managing the world's largest Intelligent IT Operations.

There's a reason the biggest brands in the world use Zenoss. They've been able to replace expensive legacy monitoring solutions with a unified, automated and efficient IT monitoring solution. Zenoss turns IT Operation teams into efficient, well-oiled machines that identify and resolve service disruptions before a CEO can says, "What's happening?"
Unify and automate performance and availability monitoring and event management for your entire IT infrastructure — applications, servers, storage, networks, virtualization, converged infrastructure, and cloud
Know which services are impacted and quickly identify likely root cause, uncover patterns, and plan capacity to improve service quality
Automate notification and remediation of service-impacting events through integration with service desk, provisioning, and orchestration systems

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Unified Monitoring for Intelligent IT Operations

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"Zenoss Service Dynamics delivers everything we need in a single product helping us lower cost and effectively manage our hybrid infrastructure."

- Kyle Kopp
- Doug Syer

What People said about Zenoss

Unified Monitoring and Event Management

Service Impact and Analytics

Notification, Remediation, and Integration

"Zenoss was really the only system that would scale to our needs, that could provide the level of flexibility we require."

Zenoss Service Dynamics addresses your IT monitoring needs by:

Optimizing service assurance and uptime with full visibility into your application infrastructure


Increasing IT responsiveness through integration with incident management, CMDB and other tools


Enabling operational agility through through rich automated monitoring capabilities to support continuous delivery